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Civil Litigation

Kelley Franco does civil and probate litigation.  She has tried bench and jury trials to successful conclusion in state and probate courts, and she has argued successfully in front of the Appellate Court.  As a small practitioner, Kelley aims to build on the advocacy skills she has practiced over the years and to achieve effective results in the most economically efficient manner for her clients.  Her litigation experience covers a wide range of matters.

Kelley has done a significant amount of work for insurance companies, including coverage work, UM/UIM work, and defense of claims under homeowner and automobile policies.  She has won several summary judgments on coverage matters, including one that was appealed and affirmed by the Connecticut Appellate Court.

When appropriate for and desired by the client, Kelley puts strong emphasis on resolving matters quickly.  Some cases by their nature cannot be disposed of in this manner, but many can.  Sending cases to larger firms involves complications endemic to the system, such as the time it takes for a partner to send a case down to an associate, an associate who may be focused on meeting a billable hour target so he or she will be eligible for a bonus, and multiple attorneys working on matters than may have been just fine with one good attorney.  In running her small practice, Kelley services a client in a way that a larger firm simply cannot.

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